Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Detoxing from Sugar ... what a headache ...

Sugar, sugar everywhere!

It's in chocolate and lollies obviously. And cakes, ice cream and fizzy. But it's also in flour, fruits and veggies.

Did you know that two halves of tinned Peaches and one tablespoon of the syrup has three and a half teaspoons of sugar? And a hamburger bun has the same amount.

As for fizzy, fruit juice and other energy drinks, one glass can easily have as much as eight to ten teaspoons of sugar. Considering that these drinks are never limited to one glass just makes it worse.

And this stuff is addictive! Some people literally crave sugar. And mostly, sugar is sugar. A diet high in sucrose (white sugar crystals) or a diet high in fructose (fruit sugar) are equally to blame for all those bad things: diabetes, hypertension etc.

So put down that spoon! A bowl of fruit salad created from four pieces of fruit is still too much fructose.

I think there is only one way to detox from sugar: stop.

Whether you are going cold turkey, or doing a careful reduction to manage other medications, that means excluding anything made with white flour or white sugar. That means excluding fruit and veggies high in natural sugars. And that means headaches.

I don't really know what to say here except obviously if you are injecting insulin, you need to discuss something like this with your doctor and monitor and adjust closely. Fortunately since I was currently not compliant with my meds, I got to ignore this bit. Naughty, naughty.

Detoxing causes headaches and tiredness, so be prepared for this. Drink plenty of water to keep your brain hydrated and wash the toxins away and take paracetamol if you need it. Someone mentioned to me to avoid codeine phos, since it'll bung you up. And I read online that detoxing can also cause itching or rashes, just so you know.

My headache lasted a couple of days and I took paracetamol a couple of times. I read online that if the headache lasts longer than three, you need to see your doctor.

Stick with it and the headaches go away and you will feel new energy. And for me, this is part of my long-term health plan and I am on my way!

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